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Way back in the heat of the summer I decided to set myself a challenge to make 100 mandalas in 100 days. It may have been the heat that made me do something so mad, but I cracked on regardless.

I chose to use patterns mostly from a Japanese craft book called – “Lacework mini-doily 100” with extras thrown in that I found on Pinterest and Ravelry.

My first mandala back on the 6th August 2019 was a beautiful lacy green piece, and I was hooked!

Day 1 of my #100DayChallenge

The days flew by and before I knew it I was halfway through!

I was learning so much and felt that my mandalas were improving with every hoop.

The smallest hoops I have made were 8cm and the largest were 40cm, with pretty much every size in between. I did make one that was too big for a 40cm hoop but I’ve not yet been able to source hoops larger than this so that’s been put aside and wasn’t included in my total.

And now my challenge is over and I’ve just posted my 100th mandala on Instagram. I’m super pleased to be finished with the challenge… But it comes as a bit of an anti climax as the 100th design is a beauty but is just too big for the 40cm hoop. I had to cut out about 5 rows throughout the pattern just to make it kinda fit, but it’s not right and I’m not happy with it as a finished product.

So even though this is the end of the challenge, it’s not the end for this design… I plan to have this one hanging in our new kitchen and so I’m going to invest in a larger hoop and rip this back to where it all started to go wrong and redo it. It’ll be worth it in the end!

All of these mandalas are one of a kind and are now available in my SHOP. However if a design catches your eye but you’re not sure on the colour then I do take custom orders and the yarn I use comes in LOADS of colours so you’ll be spoilt for choice.