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Sneak peak … necklaces

Coloured photograph of 6 necklace charms in a circle. The six charms are 2 half granny squares mounted in a square frame, 2 mandalas mounted in a circular frame and 2 flowers mounted in a triangular frame.

Do you want a close up of those beautiful necklaces? Of course you do. Silly me. There will be three designs available at the launch of Yarnya and without further ado let me introduce you to them all.

First up… 

Image of 2 necklaces, each with a half granny squares mounted in a square frame

The humble granny square. The granny square means so much to me. It’s a pattern that requires little counting or brain space. Perfect for those foggy days when concentration is just not gonna happen. 

Next to the party…

Image of 2 necklaces, each with a mandala mounted in a circle frame

Mandalas! I got addicted to making mandalas when preparing for our wedding. Inspired by the brightly coloured hanging hoops at Yarndale (a fibre festival in Yorkshire) I made nine mandalas and attached them to hula hoops to decorate our giant hat tipis. They were a huge hit. This design brings back those happy memories of that wonderful loving day. 

And last but not least… 

Beautiful flowers. Who doesn’t love a wonderful bouquet of fresh, bright and sweet smelling flowers? This design has all the beauty of a bouquet with none of the pollen. I have awful hay-fever and (harping back to our wedding) had decided early on that I didn’t want a fresh bouquet for our big day. I instead I had the mad idea to crochet my own… And one for each of my bridesmaids too. I made tons of different crochet flowers and now I just can’t stop.

Each of these designs will be available in 12 colours: white, cream, black, yellow, red, blue, green, mixed light green, mixed grey, mixed light blue, mixed blue/purple and mixed red/yellow/blue/green. 

As each item will be handmade to order my turnaround time is 10 days until it is posted using Royal Mail 1st class. There will be an optional fee should you require a quicker turnaround, but please contact me before ordering for my availability should you require this.

As well as necklaces I will also have a range of mandalas in varying sizes available… But you’ll have to come back next week for a sneak peak of those.